Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies

პავილიონი ჭაჭის ცერემონიებისთვის

Architects Alexander Brodsky, Maria Kremer

Construction 2018

Status built

Function Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies

Current condition demolished

Location 1 Vasil Petriashvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
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People around the fireplace drink Georgian grape brand Chacha. There is a single opening in the colourful glass block wall, which provides translucent light inside the building and creates an atmosphere typical for sacred places. The Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies by Alexander Brodsky and Maria Kremer was built in 2018 in the center of Tbilisi. Made out of white, green and blue glass blocks it was exceptional both architecturally as in terms of context.

The idea to build this pavilion arose after finding square glass blocks in the old warehouse somewhere in Tbilisi. According to Brodsky, he received a phone call in 2018 from the curator Mitya Borisov, telling him about a huge pile of old glass blocks and suggesting to construct something out of them for Tbilisi Art Fair. One of the locations for TAF was selected former #1 Wine Factory on V. Petriashvili Street, which was built in 1896 with the funding of David Sarajishvili, georgian businessman and philanthropist, according to the project of Tbilisi based architect Alexander Ozerov. Here, next to the main entrance interactive space – the pavilion was constructed only in two weeks.

Cylindrical construction is roofed by a conical dome. In the center of the pavilion on the glass block podium, there is a fireplace. Bottle crates scattered around the fireplace are used as chairs. The available quantity of glass blocks has determined the size of a 21.8 square meters area and the height of the only circular wall of the pavilion as well. Glass blocks are installed on a steel framework. The wooden roof construction built by Alexander Zukerman is covered with ruberoid from both the inside and outside. 

A Legal dispute over the area of the former Wine Factory has been going on for years. Since 2004 up to ten owners have been replaced. Now, on the territory of the former factory, covering about 7 500 square meters, many restaurants and shops are opened. It seems that the Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies, due to its non-commercial nature, did not fit the owners’ vision for the development of the place. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize the importance of maintaining an architectural gem, built by Brodsky in Tbilisi and demolished it. (mg)

Info: Davit Brodsky
Photo: Aleksander Brodsky, Yuri Palmin


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