Reconstruction of the Marjanishvili Quarter

მარჯანიშვილის უბნის რეკონსტრუქცია

Architects Vladimer Kurtishvili, Zaza Isakadze, Zaza Pilishvili – “Tbilkalakproekti”

Project 1980s

Status partially implemented

Location Kote Marjanishvili St, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Marjanishvili Street is one of the most important connections in terms of urban system of Tbilisi. The street is located on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, starting from Galaktioni Bridge, crossing Marjanishvili Square and ending on Giorgi Chitaia Street (former Sabcho Square). Marjanishvili Street is connected to the right bank (Mikheil Javakhishvili Street) by the bridge, which provides traffic flow between Rustaveli and Marjanishvili Squares. In the 1980s TbilQalaqProekti architects, under the leadership of Vladimer Kurtishvili, started working on the reconstruction plan of a quarter around the section of Marjanishvili street between the bridge and Marjanishvili square. According to the general plan of Tbilisi (approved in 1970) Marjanishvili Street had to carry out the function of the main transverse axis.

The total area of the quarter covers approximately 60 000 m². According to the project, Marjanishvili Street was planned to be expanded, therefore the Marjanishvili Theater had to push back for 17 meters. Also, near the theatre, the second exit of the subway and a road tunnel were planned. The main goal of the project was to improve traffic and create better conditions for pedestrians. New, multi-story buildings were supposed to be errected next to the Marjanishvili Theatre and Tbilisi Central Univermag (department store).

As a result of the socio-economic conditions in the country, caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the project couldn`t be implemented. The second exit of the metro station “Marjanishvili” with a diameter of 30 meters was sealed off and the site for the multi-story residential buildings is used for a car park. (mg)

Translation: Ana Kiasashvili
Info: Irina Kurtishvili
Photos: Vladimer Kurtishvili personal Archive