Central Bus Station

ცენტრალური ავტოსადგური

Architects Kavlashvili, Shota; Kiknadze, Ramaz; Kurtishvili, Vladimir – “TbilQalaqProekti“, fourth studio

Civil Engineer Rodames Shiolashvili-Gudushauri

Décor Zurab Tsereteli 

Construction 1964-1973

Status built 

Original function Bus station

Current function Same 

Building condition modificated

Address 1 Dimitri Gulia St, Ortachala, Tbilisi, Georgia
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In 1973, a new complex of Tbilisi Central Bus Station was realized in Ortachala by Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze and Vladimer Kurtishvili. The Station is located in the south-eastern part of Tbilisi, nearby of Gulia Square and Aqueduct Bridge. Here passes the main highway, connecting Tbilisi to Rustavi, on which domestic as well as neighboring countries traffic flows.

A total of 3.5 hectares of sloping terrain directly borders the right bank of the Mtkvari River. The bus station is designed to accommodate around 18 500 passengers per day. The complex includes bus station, restaurants, cafes, shops and a hotel. This main part of the building is separated from the Employee Zone with the central atrium.

The difference between site levels is used to separate pedestrians and vehicles flow from each other – Building’s ground floor is surrounded by conveyances on the whole perimeter, while on the second level wide bridge, ramps and stairs connect the exterior space with the central vestibule. In the interiors are used local materials – granite and white marble. The façades of the complex are mainly glazed and the mountainous landscape can be seen from the inside. On the façade, which is covered by natural stone, is installed a decorative composition made with mosaic technique called “History of Transport” by Zurab Tsereteli.

The project of Tbilisi Bus Station was awarded with the first prize on the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of USSR, in Moscow. (mg)

Translation: Ana Kiasashvili
Fotos: Vladimer Kurtishvili personal Archive, Rodames Shiolashvili-Gudushauri personal Archive