Tkhaba-Yerdy Church

ტყობა-ერდის ეკლესია

Author of the project Levan Khimshiashvili – Special Scientific-Restoration Studio

Archeological surveillance Ramin Ramishvili, Givi Ghambashidze

Restoration 1968 – 1977

Status Cultural Heritage Site of federal importance, the Russian Federation

Original function Church

Current function same

Location the Assa river valley, near Khairakh village, mountainous Ingushetia, the Russian Federation
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Tkhaba-Yerdy is a Georgian architectural monument, located in the mountainous Ingushetia. In the 1968, according to the project by Levan Khimshiashvili, restoration works of the monument have started. The main construction layers of the three-church basilica date back to the IX-XII and XV-XVI centuries. Research showed that the 9th century walls were erected on pre-existing foundations.

The church is built by schist and pieces of sandstone blocks. The interior and facades are decorated by sculptural compositions, rock relief and ornamental stones. In 1960s the church was in a hazardous condition.

The layers of different periods demonstrate that the church was destroyed, rebuilt and remodeled many times, which made impossible to visualize the original architecture. Due to the peculiarity of the monument the restoration project was implemented by an archeological method, which would maintain the condition of the church of that time. (ntch)

Translation: Ana Kiasashvili
Photos: Levan Khimshiashvili personal Archive


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