Jibladze, Alexandre

ალექსანდრე ჯიბლაძე

* 21.02.1929 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 1999 Tbilisi


In 1954 Alexandre (Jondo) Jibladze graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. In the same year he started working in the “TbilQalaqProekti“, where he was first a senior architect, then a group leader, chief architect of the project (1962) and from 1965 head of the studio. In 1971 Jibladze became deputy head of the urban planning department and later the head of the same departement. In 1974-1978 he was head of the Main Department of Architecture and Planning in Tbilisi and first deputy of the Chief Architect of the City. In 1978 he went to work in Iran and one year later, due to the Islamic revolution, he returned back to Georgia. In 1980-1992 Jondo Jibladze worked in the “SaqQalaqMshenSakhProekti“. In 1992 he returned to the “Tbilqalaqproekti” as the head of the Tbilisi city planning studio, where he worked until 1999.

From 1963 Jondo Jibladze was a member of the City Planning Council under the Chief Architect of Tbilisi and from 1969 a member of the Construction Council of Georgia “SakhMsheni“. In 1981 he became a member of the Urban Development Commission of the Council of Ministers. Jondo Jibladze has been teaching at the Georgian Technical University since 1969, he was the chairman of the examination board of the Department of Urban Planning of the Institute of Architecture. Since 1972 he worked at the Faculty of Architecture of the Academy of Arts and in the same year he was invited as a public lecturer of the “Tsodna” (knowledge) Society .

Since 1968, Jibladze was several times elected to the Board of the Georgian Union of Architects and Chairman of the Examination Commission. Jondo Jibladze was a Honoured Architect of Georgia (1971). He received the Order of Merit (1998) and various diplomas and certificates at international and All-Union exhibitions (1956, 1958, 1960, 1962, 1963), amongst others the Youth Festival Award and the Certificate of the Komsomol of the Georgian SSR for the Diploma Project and the Planetarium project (1956) as well as the State Prize of Georgia and a silver medal for the Central Railway Station project in Tbilisi (1992). Jondo Jibladze participated in republican and All-Union competitions and received I Prize for Railway station square reconstruction; II Prize for Georgian pavilion for Moscow agricultural exhibition; III Prizes for Vakhtang Gorgasali monument, summer cinema for Georgia and for the Typical residential buildings for the fourth climatic zone; together with the team of the “GIProGor” Moscow I and II Prize for the planning and development of the center of Tbilisi.

Info: Mamuka Jibladze
Photos: Alexandre Jibladze personal archive

Major projects

Planetarium, Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi 1956 (Alexandre Jibladze, Madlena Komakhidze; civil engineer: Davit Kajaia)

– Central station of young technicians, Tbilisi, date unknown

– General plan and holiday homes in Tskneti, date unknown

– Administrative houses of creative associations of architects and journalists, Tbilisi, date unknown

– Detail planning of I-VI quarters of Dighomi residential area, Tbilisi 1960 (Ivane Chkhenkeli, (Alexandre Jibladze, Nodar Mikadze, with the participation of Irakli Mosulishvili)

– Development plan of Friendship (now Grigol Robakidze) avenue, Tbilisi 1960

– Dighomi bridge traffic junction, Tbilisi 1960 (collective of authors)

– Detailed planning project of TEMQA residential area, Tbilisi 1960s (Alexandre Jibladze, Nino Asatiani)

– Development plan for the left bank of the river Mtkvari in the district Didube, Tbilisi 1960s Year unknown (Alexandre Jibladze, Gela Japaridze)

Technical and economic principles for the development of the city of Tbilisi, Tbilisi 1960s (Alexandre Jibladze, Gela Japaridze)

– The general plan of the development and reconstruction of the city of Tbilisi for the years 1968-2000, Tbilisi 1970 (Ivane Chkhenkeli, Jondo Jibladze, Gela Japaridze, Givi Shavdia. Economists: L. Lortkopanidze, I. Bolkvadze)

– Residential building of the Union of Architects with 106 appartements, Chikovani Street, Tbilisi 1965 (Alexandre Jibladze, Gela Japaridze, Givi Shavdia. Civil ingeneer: Shalva Gazashvili)

– Residential building, Kekelilidze Street, Tbilisi, date unknown

– Central railway station, Tbilisi 1982 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Ilo Kavlashvili, Givi Shavdia, Alexandre Jibladze, Gela Japaridze)

– Marneuli city reconstruction and development plan for the years 1983-2010

– Holiday house of the Council of Ministers, Akhali Kindgi, date unknown

–  Holiday house of the Council of Ministers, Ureki, date unknown

– Factory “Vector” residential area development plan, Zugdidi, date unknown

– A series of the large-block residential houses for Western Georgia and Eastern Georgia, date unknown

– A series of five- and nine-story residential houses for the city of Rustavi, date unknown

– Academic city reconstruction and development plan, Tbilisi, date unknown

– Monument of General Chanchibadze, Tbilisi 1954 (Sculptor: B. Sakhvadze)

– WWII Memorial to TSU students and teachers, University Garden TSU, Tbilisi 1978 (sculptor: Elguja Amashukeli)

– Galation Tabidze monument, Tbilisi 1980 (Sculptor: Juna Mikatadze)

– Giorgi Tsereteli monument, Tbilisi 1981 (Sculptor: Giorgi Ochiauri)