Sekhniashvili, Dodo

დოდო სეხნიაშვილი

* 07.04.1927 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 27.06.2013 Tbilisi 


Darina (Dodo) Sekhianshvili graduated in 1951 from the Georgian Polytechnic Institute with a degree in architecture. From 1956 until the end of her professional carieer she worked at „SoyusDorProekti“ Tbilisi bureau (later „TbilGiproAvtodorTrans“) as an architect, leader of the brigade, chief engineer of the project, chief architect of the project.

Dodo Sekhianshvili was Honoured Architect of Georgia (1985). She received an Honorary Diploma from the city of Yalta (Ukraine) for active participation in the Yalta Bus Station project.

Photos: Dodo Sekhniashvili personal Archive

Main Projects

– Educational building of „Glavdorstroi“, Novocherkassk, Russia 1959

– Garage of the Inturist, vil. Machara, Abkhazia, Georgia 1961

– Facilities for the motorway of Аkademgorodok in Novosibirsk, Russia 1961-1962

– Pioneer Camp, Anapa, Russia 1963

– Various projects for road and transportation infrastructure, auto-pavilions, view points etc. in the Hindukush Mountains, Afghanistan 1963-1964 (Giorgi Chakhava, Otar Nakhutsrishvili, Irakli Maskharashvili, Dodo Sekhniasvili and others)

Bus Station, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine 1964 (Giorgi Chakhava, Otar Nakhutsrishvili, Zurab Djalaghania, Dodo Sekhniashvili. Civil engineer: Nikolai Linevich)

– Bus station “Samarkand”, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1964 (Giorgi Chakhava, Irakli Maskharashvili, Dodo Sekhniasvili)

– Bus station Krymsk, Russia 1968

– Facilities for the motorway Krasnodar-Jubga, Russia, year unknown

– Various serial projects (N° 503.156) for bus stop pavilions for motorways in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, 1971

– Bus station Goryachy Klyuch, Russia 1971

– Scaffold bridge in Kudepsta and estakade in Khosta, Russia 1972

– Facilities for the motorway Krasnodar-Dranda-Gali, Russia-Georgia 1975

– Three residential houses in Adler district, Russia 1977