Hajibeili, Valeria

ვალერია ჰაჯიბეილი

* 02.06.1914 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 10.01.1995 Tbilisi


Valeria (Leli) Hajibeili graduated from the Georgian Industrial Institute in 1936 with a major in architecture. During her studies, she began working as an assistant at the “SaqKurortProekti” and from 1941 to 1944 she worked as an engineer-researcher in the Special Buildings Bureau of the People’s Commissariat of Public Utilities of Georgia. In 1944, she moved to “SaqKomunProekti“, which was later renamed “SaqQalaqmshenSakhProekti” – where she worked as the project’s chief architect.

In the years 1948-1952, Leli Hajibeili took part in the expedition organized by “Sakhmsheni” together with Ivane Chkhenkeli, Shalva Davitashvili, Solomon Revishvili and Konstantine Bokuchav. Its goal was to survey and graphically record the Kakhetian houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The works created during this expedition are now kept in the Shalva Amiranashvili Art Museum in Tbilisi and part of this collection is published in the book “Architecture of Kakhetian Dwelling House”.

Valeria Hajibeili was an Honored Architect of Georgia (1967). She has received a government award for a standard project of a 25-room hotel.

Info: Merab and Sandro Chkhenkeli
Photos: Valieria Hajibeili private Archive

Main Projects

– Hotel and administration building in the district center of Dedoplistskaro (former Tsiteltskaro), date unknwon

– Project for the typical residential building units for republic regions, date unknown

– Typical project for a 25-bed hotel, date unknown

– Metallurgical Institute of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Tbilisi 1969

National Archives of Georgia, Tbilisi 1970

– House of Culture, Sagarejo 1981

Measurements of architectural monuments

– Survey of houses from the 18-19th century in the Kakheti region, 1948-1952 (Ivane Chkhkenkeli, Valeria Hajibeili, Shalva Davitashvili, Solomon Revishvili, Konstantine Bokuchava). Publication: Chkhenkeli, Merab. Architecture of Kakhetian Dwelling House. Tbilisi 2019. ISBN 978-9941-8-1654-3