Khimshiashvili, Levan

ლევან ხიმშიაშვილი

* 23.11.1920 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 21.06.1978 Tbilisi

Architect, restorer and conservator, researcher

Levan Khimshiashvili was born on November 23, 1920 in Tbilisi. In 1935, after graduating from the seventh grade of the secondary school #4 in Tbilisi, he continued his studies at the Department of Architecture at The Municipal Technical School of Tbilisi, graduating it in 1940. In the same year, he was drafted into the army and served until the end of the Second World War.

After being demobilized in 1945, he studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts graduating it in 1951. While at the Academy, he participated in the expeditions of Institute of Georgian Art History, performing the measurements of architectural monuments. From 1951 to 1967 He worked at the Specialized scientific-restoration studio, first as a senior Architect and then as the director in the years of 1965-1967. In 1954 he started to work at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Since 1963 he taught there Descriptive Geometry and Perspective. In 1969, together with Vakhtang Tsintsandse, he co-founded a Department of Architectural Restoration at the faculty of architecture, which he led himself: as a lecturer of theoretical discipline course and a leader of restoration projects. At the same time, he was a dean of the faculty of Architecture at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Levan Khimshiashvili died in 1981.

Honored Artist of Georgia for his exceptional contribution to the protection of Kultural Heritage (1961).

PhD in Architecture (1971)

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Fotos: Levan Khimshiashvili personal Archive, Teimuraz Kandelaki personal Archive

Main works and Restoration Projects

Samtsevrisi Church of St. George (VII century) Qareli district, 1951

– Saakadze Tower (XV-XVIII centuries), Noste, Kaspi district, 1957

Tsirkoli Church of the Mother of God (VIII century), Akhalgori district, 1957

– Bedia Monastery (X c.), Ochamchire district, 1952-1953

– Ateni Sioni Charch (VII century), Gori district, 1958

– Vardzia (XII century), Aspindza district, 1960s

– Skhalta Monastery, Church (XII century) Khulo district, 1955

– Makhuntseti Bridge (IX-X centuries), Keda district, 1961

– Kintsvisi Church of the Holy Mother (XIII century) Kareli district, 1963

– Zedazeni, Church (VIII century) Mtskheta district, 1964-1966

Tkhaba-Yrdy Church, (IX-XV centuries) Ingushetia, Russian Federation, 1968-1971

– Ambara (VII-VIII centuries), church, Gudauta district
Tsromi (VII century), Khashuri district, 1955-1959, 1976-1977

– The Red Bridge (XVII century), Gardabani District, 1963

– Korogho, Church of the of the Holy Mother (X-XI century), Dusheti district, 1976


– Samtsevrisi, (publishing house) Tbilisi 1962
The Work and Objectives of Our Restoration Studio, Friend of The Monument 1, 1964

– The Engineering Work and Strengthening Architectural Monuments (Tsiorkoli Temple), Friend of The Monument 5, 1965

– A First Swallow, the first exhibit of the Museum of Folk Life and Architecture, Friend of The Monument 8, 1965

– Several issues on Restoration (Tsrom and Bedia), Friend of the Monument 18, 1969

– Results of Tkoba-Erd Restoration Works, L. Khimshiashvili, M. Antadze. Friend of The Monument 26, 1971

– Once Again on The Scientific Protection of Tianeti Zion, Friend of the Monument, 31-32, 1973

– Training of Architects-Restorers, Friend of the Monument 35, 1975

– The Red Bridge Restoration, Friend of the Monument 40, 1976

– Regarding the Question of Restoration of Tsrom Temple Dome, Friend of the Monument 50, 1979


Materials on rehabilitation of Samtsevrisi were published in the United States, in the “Historic Preservation” magazine issue #10 (currently “Preservation” – Magazine of the National Trust”)

The Restoration of Architecture in Georgia, Irine Elizbarashvili, Manana Suramelashvili, Tsitsino Chachkhunashvili, Khatuna Tchurghulia, Tbilisi, 2012, ISBN978-9941-0-4207-2

Khimshiashvili, Ketevan. Levan Khimshiashvili (26.05.2013)