Kiknadze, Ramaz

* 19.02.1937 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 07.01.1975 Tbilisi


Ramaz Kiknadze was born in 1937 in Tbilisi. In 1961 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute. In 1962 he started working in the fourth architectural studio of “TbilQalaqProekti“.

In 1972 Kiknadze was appointed head of the second architectural studio of the “Saqqalaqmshensakhproeqti“. He was a member of the Board and Presidium of the Union of Architects of Georgia, a member of the Council of Chief Architect of Tbilisi City and “SakhMsheni” of the Republic of Georgia, as well as the Chief Architect of the Chamber of Commerce. Kiknadze taught architectural planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Georgian Technical University. He worked also as a stage designer at the Puppet Theater. Ramaz Kiknadze died in 1975 in Tbilisi.

Ramaz Kiknadze has received the Georgian Comsomol Prize (1975)

Info: Gaga Kiknadze

Photos: © Ramaz Kiknadze personal archive

Main Projects

– Victory Memorial, Cuba 1962 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Guram Mirianashvili and Teimuraz Mikashavidze)

– Metro station “Oktomberi”, Pavilion and lower floor of the station, Tbilisi 1963 (Tamaz Tevzadze and Ramaz Kiknadze)

– The Wedding House, Tbilisi 1965 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze and Sculptors Giorgi and Irakli Otchiauri)

Central Bus Station, Tbilisi 1970 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Vladimer Kurtishvili, Artist Zurab Tsereteli)

– Residential development and an administrative centre of Ortachala district, Tbilisi 1970 (Shota Kavlashvili, Merab Gugunava, Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli)

– “Sakpuri” Residential house of the State Bread Backery, Chavchavadze ave. Tbilisi 1970 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze)

– Wine tasting hall “Sachashnike”, Tbilisi, 1970 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Temo Mikashavidze, Vladimer Kurtishvili)

– Restaurant “Marabda”, 1971 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Teimuraz Mikashavidze, Vladimer Kurtishvili)

– Vazha-Pshavela Monument, Tbilisi 1973 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Teimuraz Mikashavidze and A. Urusashvili, Sculptor Giorgi Ochiauri)

– Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnograpy, Mestia 1974 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli)

– Young scientists café and club, Tbilisi 1974 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli)

– Monument to the nine Kherkheulidze brothers, Marabda 1976 ( Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Sculptor L. Kvelidze)

– A tunnel and tier under Metekhi rock, Tbilisi, 1975 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Valeri Bakhtadze)

The Aquatic Sports Complex (nowadays: “Laguna Vere”), Tbilisi 1978 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Guram Abuladze, Civil engineer: R.Ghudushauri and artist Nikoloz Ignatov)

Stage Design for Theater

Tbilisi State Puppet Theater

– The Love for Three Oranges, 1968 (Director: L. Paksashvili, Artists: A. Ratiani and Ramaz Kiknadze)

– Gulliver in the Land of Lilliput, 1969 (Director: G. Sarchimelidze)

– Bachitas oinebi, 1971 (Director: G. Sarchimelidze)

– Tsitelkanianta beladi, 1971 (Director: G. Sebiskveradze)

– Pirimze, 1972 (Director: L. Paksashvili)

– Wolf in boots, 1973 (Director: A. Chkhikvadze)

– Melakuda, 1974 (Director: G. Sarchimelidze)

– Funny Tales, 1974 (Director: Sh. Tsutskiridze)

– Power Station, 1974 (Director: N. Ionatamishvili)

– The school of the Snow White, 1974 (Director: Sh. Tsutskiridze)

Vaso Abashidze Musical Comedy Theater

– My Fair Lady, 1969 (Director: Sh. Meskhi)

Exhibition Design

– State Museum of Literature, Anniversary exhibition, 1965 (Gera Adjiashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Vladimer Kurtishvili, Teimuraz Mikashavidze, Artist: Nikoloz Ignatov)

– Agricultural University of Georgia, Dendrology Museum Exhibition, 1966 (Gera Adjiashvili, Vazha Gigasvhili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Vladimer Kurtishvili, Teimuraz Mikashavidze)

– Tbilisi State University, Anniversary exhibition, 1969 (Gera Adjiashvili, Vazha Gigashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze, Vladimer Kurtishvili, Nodar Kvateladze, Teimuraz Mikashavidze)

– Georgian Pavilion, Industrial Exposition in Paris, 1970 (Merab Gugunava, Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli, Shota Kavlashvili)

– Industrial Exposition in Basel, 1971 (Merab Gugunava, Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli, Shota Kavlashvili)

– Industrial Exposition in West-Berlin, 1972

– Industrial Exposition in Plovdiv, 1973 (Ramaz Kiknadze, Givi Metreveli)

– Industrial Exposition in Lion, 1974 (Teimuraz Diasamidze, Ramaz Kiknadze, Neli Khvarkhava)


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