Kopaladze, Zurab

ზურაბ კოპალაძე

* 27.04.1937 Tbilisi, Georgia



Zurab Kopaladze graduated in 1961 from the Faculty of Architecture at The Polytechnic Institute of Georgia. Between 1962 and 2003 he worked at the “SaqQalaqMshenSakhProekti” as an architect, the leader of a group and after 1964 the chief architect of project. In 1991 he was the leader of the architectural studio, the chief architect of the company “SaqArchFondi” (2003-2006) and a coordinating architect of “Axis” company (2005).

Zurab Kopaladze is a winner of the Council of Ministers Prize and the I prize for Series of standard projects for residential houses. Kopaladze is an Honoured Architect of Georgia (2005)

Photos: Zurab Kopaladze personal Archive

Major Projects

– Series of standard projects for residential houses, 1962

– Reconstruction of the “26 Commissars square” (nowadays Avlabari sq.), residential house and a Metro station 26 Commissars pavilion, Tbilisi 1963 (Solomon Revishvili, Sh. Chachanidze, Tamaz Dalaqishvili, Zurab Kopaladze)

– Reconstruction project of the central railway station, Tbilisi 1964. Competition Entry

– Project for tourist amenities, Akhali Atoni 1965

– Reconstruction project of the Heros Square, Tbilisi 1966, Competition Entry

– Residential building of Enguri hydroelectric power station employees, Chavchavadze ave, Tbilisi 1970 (T. Dalakishvili, G. Bichiashvili, O. Darchievi, Zurab Kopaladze)

– Master plan of the town Martvili, 1970

– Residential building, Martvili 1970

– Kulture House, vil. Akhalsopeli, Gudauta district, 1970

– Master plan of the new campus of Tbilisi State University, including buildings of the Central scientific library, Cafe-canteen, Students dormitory, Pedestrian bridge, Faculty of Chemistry, Ropeway, Hall for athletic sports, polyclinic, swimming pool, Tbilisi 1968-1985 (Shota Kachkachishvili, Zurab Kopaladze, Bidzina Maminaishvili, Leri Medzmariashvili, Solomon Rekhviashviali)

– Mother and Child resort, vil. Gudava, Gali district, 1989. Unfinshed

– Reconstruction of the “Sakkalakmshensakhproekti” office building, Tbilisi 1993. UnrealizedShopping centre, Tsereteli ave, Tbilisi, 1990

– Hotel “Sairme”, Sairme st. Tbilisi 2001

– Shopping center “Jotto” on Tsereteli ave. Tbilisi 2001. Unrealized

– Soccer fan club, Vera garden, Tbilisi 2001. Unrealized

– Reconstruction project of Pirosmani street, Tbilisi 2002. Pre-project

– “City of knowledge”, Tbilisi 2003. Pre-project

– Residential house, Shrosha st, Tbilisi 2003

– Residential house, Ateni st, Tbilisi 2005

– Multifunctional residential complex for Medical University, Tbilisi 2007. Competition entry

– Touristic center, Bakuriani 2008