Melkadze, Givi

გივი მელქაძე

* 02.02.1923, Tbilisi

† 07.10.1981, Tbilisi


Givi Melkadze graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic Institute of Georgia in 1948. From 1949 until the end of his professional career, he worked in the “TbilQalakProekti” – initially in the first, then in the sixth architectural studio, where he was the project’s chief architect.

Since 1955 Givi Melkadze taught at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, and since 1975 he was a docent of architectural design at the Faculty of Architecture.

Givi Melkadze was an honored architect of Georgia (1967).

Info: Medea Melkadze
Photos: Givi Melkadze personal Archive, Jondo Jibladze personal Archive, Vladimer Kurtishvili personal Archive

Main Projects

– Kindergarten, 13 Abashidze (former Barnov) Street, Tbilisi 1953 (Shota Kavlashvili, Givi Melkadze)

– Residential House, 19/21 Tchavtchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi 1953 (Shota Kavlashvili, Givi Melkadze)

– Choreographic School, Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi 1953 (Givi Melkadze, Leo Kharashvili))

– Urban development plan of the Freedom Square (former Lenin Sq.) and the architecture of Lenin Monument, Tbilisi 1956 (Shota Kavlashvili, Givi Melkadze, Konstantine Chkheidze, K. Khechinashvili. Sculptor: Valentin Topuridze)

– Reconstruction of the Chughureti Bridge (former Karl Marx Bridge), Tbilisi 1954 (Shota Kavlashvili, Givi Melkadze. Bridge engineer: Giorgi Kartsivadze)

– Residential House on riverside embankment, 2 Uznadze st. (former Kamo st.), Tbilisi 1962 (Shota Kavlashvili, Givi Melkadze, Leo Kharashvili)

– Headquarters of the Georgian Railway, Sadguri (Railway Station) Square, Tbilisi 1965 (Givi Melkadze, Givi Kvernadze)

– Metro Station „Marjanisvhili“, Tbilisi 1966 (Givi Melkadze, Neli Kvartskhava. Skulptor: Merab Berdzenishvili)

– “Tsekavshiri” building – Cooperation House, 7 Freedom Square (former Lenin Square), Tbilisi 1971 (Givi Melkadze, Neli Kvartskhava)

– Student residence of the Polytechnic Institute, Zurab Zhvania Square (former Peace Square), Tbilisi 1975 (Givi Melkadze, Neli Kvartskhava)

– Kindergarten on Tsereteli Avenue, Tbilisi 1976 (Givi Melkadze, Neli Kvartskhava)

– Architecture of Griboedov’s monument, Tbilisi 1960. (Sculptor: Merab Merabishvili)

– Architecture of Ilia Chavchavadze and Akaki Tsereteli monument, Rustaveli avenue, Tbilisi, 1958. (Sculptor: Valentin Topuridze)

– New zoo at the Lisi lake, Tbilisi 1980, unrealized

 – Project for the reconstruction and extension of the Hotel Tbilisi, Tbilisi, year unknown, unrealized


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