Morbedadze, Davit

დავით მორბედაძე

* 18.11.1926 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 19.05.2002 Tbilisi


Davit Morbedadze graduated in 1952 from the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Since his student days he has participated in the measurement and restoration works of architectural monuments. After graduating, he started working in “TbilQalaqProjekti“. From 1954 to 1955 he worked in Ivan Zholtovsky’s studio of “AeroProjekt” in Moscow. After returning from Moscow, he continued working at “TbilqalakProjeqti”. In 1964-1972 he was the chief architect of “SaqSoplMshenSakhProekti“. Since 1972, he has been the head of the fifth studio of “TbilqalakProjeqti”. In 1998 he founded his own studio with civil engineer Guram Mebuke. He taught at the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and was a member of the Tbilisi Architectural Council.

Davit Morbedadze was an Honoured Architect of Georgia (1967), he was awarded an Order of Honour (1999). Competitions and awards: Honorary diploma of the Council of Young Architects and a first degree diploma from the Georgian Architects Union for the project “Architects’ Cottages in Tskneti” (1956); I Prize for a standard project of a summer theater with 1000 seats (1957); I Prize for the Georgian Pavilion in Moscow (1958); I Prize in Vakhtang Gorgasali Monument Competition (1959); I Prize in the competition “Rural Individual Housing” (1968); the Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council for the project of the Griboedov Theater (1977); “Grand-Prix” of the World Biennale of Architecture (INTERARCH-85, Sofia), for the village Gudani (1985).

Photos: Davit Morbedadze personal Archive, Teimuraz Kandelaki personal Archive

Main Projects

– The fence of the garden of the Pioneers’ Palace, 1953 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Davit Morbedadze)

– Monumen to Mayakovsky, Taganka, Moscow 1954 (Sculptor: Guram Kordzakhia)

– Architects’ Cottages in Tskneti, 1955 (Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki), competition project

– Cafe “Gazapkhuli”, Tbilisi 1957

– Residential building, 2 Mtskheta st., Tbilisi 1962 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki. Constructor: Guram Mebuke)

– Cafe, Lenin st. (now Kostava St.), Tbilisi, 1960 (Vakhtang Abramishvili, Revaz Bairamashvili, Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki)

– “Tea House”, 26 Commissar Park, Tbilisi, 1963.

– “Tea House” on Melikishvili Str., Tbilisi 1966 (Davit Morbedadze, Leri Medzmariashvili)

– “Tea House”, Tsalenjikha, 1968

– “Tea House”, Ozurgeti (formerly Makharadze), 1970

– Standard projects for residential and public buildings, 1964-1970

– Residential buildings on Kipshidze, Ikalto, Tskneti, Larsi streets, Tbilisi 1970s

– “Saqsoplmshensakhproekti” building, Tbilisi 1967

– Architecture of Vakhtang Gorgasali Monument, Tbilisi, 1967 (Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki. Sculptor: Elguja Amashukeli,)

“Univermag Tbilisi” Complex , Griboedov Theater and metro station “Freedom Square”, 1967-1977 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Davit Morbedadze, Jakhuti Gordeziani, Leri Medzmariashvili. Civil engineer: Shalva Gazashvili)

Resort for architects, Gagra 1983 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Vakhtang Abramishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Ilo Kavlashvili)

Highland village Gudani, 1980 (Irakli Margishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Lili Mchedlishvili, Nugzar Dvali)

– Building of the Scientific-Research Institute of Agrarian Biotechnology, Tbilisi 1982

– “Tbilqalaqproekti” building, Tbilisi 1985 (Givi Melkadze, Davit Morbedadze)

– Residential houses on Kavtaradze and Marukhi Heroes st., Tbilisi 1993

– Residential houses on Sairme st. 78 and Avlabari st. 10, Tbilisi 1998

– Trade objects: Saburtalo and Javakheti Street, Tbilisi 1999

Measurements of architectural monuments and restoration projects

– Archaeological measurement of Ruisi church, 1951. (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Gantiadi Basilica, restoration, 1952 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Archaeological measurement of Bagrati Cathedral, 1953-1954 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze, Vakhtang Tsintsadze)

– Measurement of Gelati Mother of God Church, 1954 (Rusudan Mepisashvili, Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Measrements of Nikozi Ensemble, Tsetskhlisjvari Ensemble, Kazbegi Chopikashvili Palace, Lomisi Church and Residential Complex, Fansaeti Fortress, Pavliantkari Residential Complex, Kanchaveti, Korogo, Khopa, Digomi St. George, Tsirkoli Churches.


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