Jorbenadze, Victor

ვიქტორ ჯორბენაძე

* 28.07.1925 Kharkov, Ukraine

† 02.09.1999 Tbilisi, Georgia


Viktor (Butsa) Jorbenadze moved with his mother from Kharkov to Samtredia, Georgia, in 1929. In 1940-1946 he studied at the Georgian Industrial Institute, Faculty of Architecture. After graduation he worked in construction organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture in Samtredia, and from 1952 to 1956 in the “GIProGor“, architectural studio of Mikhail Parusnikov in Moscow.

In 1957 he moved to Tbilisi, where he first worked as the chief architect of the Kalinin district (now Mtatsminda), and then in the Design bureau of Tbilisi City Councsil’s executive commettee. From 1959 to 1980 he worked for „TbilQalaqProekti“, and since 1980 he has been an independent architect. Jorbenadze dedicated his scientific research to the monuments of Jvari, Svetitskhoveli and Bebris-tsikhe in Mtskheta.

After Jorbenadze’s death, in accordance with his wishes, the “Museum of Urban Interior” was founded in his house. Today the street in Tbilisi bears his name.

Victor Jorbenadze was the Honoured Architect of the Georgian SSR.

Info: Davit Bostanashvili
Photos: Victor Jorbenadze personal Archive, Ketevan Kobakhidze personal Archive, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Nino Tchatchkhiani Archive, Irakli Kovzanadze Archive

Main Projects

– Exhibition pavilion and greenhouse, Yalta 1952

– Residence hall, Yalta 1953

– Vacation house of Council of Ministers of RSFSR, Sochi 1953

– General plan of Almetyevska (ASSR of Tatarstan) and detailed planning project of the city center, 1954

– Administrative Building, Marx sq., Smolensk 1955

– Residential House, Razmadze st., Tbilisi 1958

– Pioneers House, Friendship Park, Tbilisi 1962

– Country house in Tskneti, 1962

– House of Artistic Education of Labor, Tbilisi 1962

– Memorial complex at Kukia Cemetery, Tbilisi 1963

– Memorial complex at Peter and Paul Cemetery, Tbilisi 1963

– Hotel “Racha”, Oni, year unknown

– Cemetery Complex and Pantheon in Mukhatgverdi, Tbilisi 1974

– Ilia Chavchavadze Museum, Kvareli, 1979 (Victor Jorbenadze, Ketevan Kobakhidze)

– Palace of Rituals, Tbilisi 1984 (Vitkor Jirbenadze, Vazha Orbeladze)

– Labor Union Dormitory, Tbilisi 1986

– Holy Trinity Cathedral, Tbilisi 1989 (Victor Jorbenadze, Shota Kavlashvili). Competition project


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