Exhibition „Laguna Vere“ 15.11.2022

As a part of the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial “What’s Next”, the Maudi Gallery hosted the exhibition “Future Presence” dedicated to examples of late socialist architecture in Georgia and the Visegrad countries. In the exhibition participated the Czech Centre Tbilisi, the Visual Art, Architecture and Design School VA[A]DS and the Tbilisi Architecture Archive.

Our aim was to draw attention to the architectural value and socio-cultural significance of the aquatic sports complex „Laguna Vere”.

The exhibition included the archival materials of National Archives of Georgia from „SakInform” Photochronics, Central Archives of Contemporary History and Audio-Visual Documents; Personal photographs of the visitors, sportsmen and the pupils of the kids’ sports school; Personal archives of architects Ramaz Kiknadze and Shota Kavlashvili; Personal archive of the artist Koka Ignatov; Personal archive of ‘Laguna Vere’’s former director, Vladimer Goiashvili; and a photograph from Simona Rota’s photo-collection ‘Ostalgia’.

We want to thank the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial and Exhibition organizers, as well the National Archives of Georgia and all of the people mentioned above for the wish to collaborate and share their archives.

The exhibition was financially supported by the Visegrad Fund and the Creative Europe program of the European Union.