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“Univermag Tbilisi” Complex1975Multifunctional complex “Univermag Tbilisi” was built in 1975 near Liberty Squaret. The complex combined three functionally distinct and independent parts, which were masterly integrated to each other +++, , , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitecturemixed-use trade-and-industry transport-and-infrastructure
Aquatic Sports Complex1978
Laguna Vere Aquatic Sports Complex is located in the central part of Tbilisi. Working on a project started in 1967 by architects Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze and Guram Abuladze +++
 , , , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitecturesport-and-leisure
Biomorphic Pavilions1980The first shell structure by Giorgi Chakhava was built for Alushta Bus Station in 1961 +++ , , 1954-1991-envariousarchitecturetransport-and-infrastructure
Building Element1965In 1965 Giorgi Chakhava starts working on a modular system to be known later as „Building Element“ +++ , , , 1954-1991-envariousarchitecturetransport-and-infrastructure
Caucasian Sericulture Station1889The large complex, planned by Alexander Szymkiewicz, involved wide area around Mushthaid Garden with all necessary buildings for silk production +++, , 1801-1918-entbilisiarchitecture landscape-architecture urban-planningeducation-and-research
Central Bus Station1973
In 1973, a new complex of Tbilisi Central Bus Station was realized in Ortachala by Shota Kavlashvili, Ramaz Kiknadze and Vladimir Kurtishvili +++
, , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitecturetransport-and-infrastructure
Chess Palace and the Alpine Club1973Tbilisi Chess Palace and the Alpine Club by the architects Vladimir Aleksi-Meskhishvili and Germane Ghudushauri was opened in 1973, on the territory of Vera Park +++, , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitecturesport-and-leisure
Ministry of Road Construction1975George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania often state nature and special terrain as an inspiration for their famous ministry building +++, , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitectureadministration-and-office
New Campus of Tbilisi State University1989
In 1967-1968 by the resolution of the Government of Georgia the decision of constructing a new campus of TSU was made and soon afterwards, at the special session of the Council of Ministers of the Georgian SSR the general plan was approved +++
, , 1954-1991-entbilisiarchitecture urban-planningeducation-and-research mixed-use residental
Pavilion for Chacha Ceremonies2018This pavilion was build according to the project of Alexander Brodsky and Maria Kremer for the Art Fair Tbilisi +++, 1991-tbilisiarchitectureculture
Reconstruction of the Marjanishvili Quarter1980In the 1980s Tbilqalaqproekti architects, under the leadership of Vladimer Kurtishvili, started working on the reconstruction plan of a quarter around the section of Marjanishvili street +++, 1954-1991-entbilisiurban-planningresidental transport-and-infrastructure
Resort for Architects1983Holiday house for architects in Gagra was built by order of the union of architects of the USSR and Georgia by Revaz Bairamashvili, Vakhtang Abramishvili, Davit Morbedadze and Ilo Kavlashvili +++, 1954-1991-engagraarchitecturehealthcare
Samtsevrisi church of St. George1951The Samtsevrisi church, built in the 7th century, was severely damaged by the earthquake in 1940.The restoration works were done according to the project by Levan Khimshiashvili by the anastylosis method +++, 1921-1954-enkarelirenovationsacred
Silk Museum1891Alexander Szymkiewicz designed the main building of the Sericulture Station specifically for Silk Museum. The new building was hosting offices and laboratories as well +++, , , 1801-1918-entbilisiarchitectureculture
Tkhaba-Yerdy Church1971Tkhaba-Yerdy Georgian architectural monument is located in the mountainous Ingushetia. In the 1968, according to the project by Levan Khimshiashvili, restoration works of the monument have started +++, 1954-1991-eningushetiarenovationsacred
Tsirkoli church of the Mother of God1957„...The dome isn’t visible externally because it’s located under the gable roof and that’s why the monument is perceived as a basilica.” So is described the Tsirkoli monument by the author of the restoration project, Levan Khimshiashvili +++, 1954-1991-enakhalgorirenovationsacred
Village development projects1980
Regional characteristics have always played a crucial role for Irakli Margishvili throughout his extensive work on the rural development projects in Georgia +++
, , 1954-1991-envariousarchitecture urban-planningeducation-and-research residental
Yalta Bus Station1966Yalta Bus Station was built in the area of the Yalta bypass road and the Bystraya River. It is one of the most important projects from Giorgi Chakhavas works +++, , , 1954-1991-enyaltaarchitecturetransport-and-infrastructure
Zugdidi Administrative Building1985This administrative building from the era of late Soviet modernism was built by Levan Kiladze and Tsiala Giorgadze +++, , 1954-1991-enzugdidiarchitectureadministration-and-office