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Abuladze, Guram1941-2009Architect Guram Abuladze worked for many years on the design of urban public space of Tbilisi +++
Alexi-Meskhishvili, Vladimir1915-1978Architect Vladimir (Lado) Alexi-Meskhishvili was one of the most influential figures of the Georgian soviet architecture +++
Bostanashvili, Shota1948-2013Architect Shota Bostanashvili founded the unique method of teaching "Poetics of Architecture" +++
Chakhava, Giorgi1923-2007Architect Giorgi (Gogi) Chakhava is a client and an author of the masterpiece of Georgian Soviet modernism – Ministry of Road Construction +++
Ghudushauri, Germane1939Architect Germane Ghudushauri worked in the third architectural studio of "Tbilqalaqproeqti" during his entire career +++
Ghudushauri, Rodames1931-1998Civil engineer Rodames Ghudushauri worked on important projects in Tbilisi, such as Aquatic Sports Complex and Central Bus Station +++
Jalaghania, Zurab1939Architect Zurab Jalaghania is a co-author of the world famous building – Ministry of Road Construction +++
Jorbenadze, Victor1925-1999Architect Viktor (Butsa) Jorbenadze's Palace of Rituals is one of the most iconic buildings of Georgian Soviet modernism +++
Kajaia, Davit1912-1997As the civil engineer Davit Kajaia said, his entire life's work was defined by the search for the novelty embodied in buildings +++
Kalandarishvili, Otar1925-2003Architect Otar (Toni) Kalandarishvili is an author of the Hotel "Iveria" and residential complex "Shatili" in Tbilisi +++
Kandelaki, Teimuraz1928-2003Architect Teimuraz (Temo) Kandelaki is an author of landmarks, such as the Monuments of Vakhtan Gorgasali in Tbilisi and Erekle II in Telavi +++
Kavlashvili, Ilia1931-2008Many residential areas and houses in Tbilisi were built according to the plans of the architect Ilia (Ilo) Kavlashvili +++
Kavlashvili, Shota1926-1995Shota Kavlashvili was one of the most influential Architect of his time and twice appointed Chief Architect of Tbilisi +++
Khimshiashvili, Levan1920-1981Thanks to restorer Levan (Leo) Khimshiashvili's non-conventional concepts, many georgian monuments have been saved +++
Kiknadze, Ramaz1937-1975Despite his short career, the architect Ramaz Kiknadze was able to leave behind a significant legacy +++
Kiladze, Levan1934-2002Architect Levan (Leviko) Kiladze's creative legacy includes the Park Mziuri in Tbilisi +++
Kobakhidze, Ketevan1934-2016Architect Ketevan Kobakhidze was teaching at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts for nearly forty years +++
Kopaladze, Zurab1937The master plan of the new University Campus in Tbilisi as well as the most of the buildings located there were created with the authorship of the architect Zurab Kopaladze +++
Kurtishvili, Vladimer1935-1993One of the most important project of the architect Vladimer (Vova) Kurtishvili is the Baratashvili Bridge in Tbilisi +++
Margishvili, Irakli1927-2000Architect Irakli Margishvili led series of standard plans and projects for rural dwellings for different climatic zones of Georgia +++
Morbedadze, Davit1926-2002The creative work of architect Davit Morbedadze includes the study of cultural heritage monuments, as well as many modernist buildings +++
Sekhniashvili, Dodo1927-2013Architect Dodo Sekhianshvili is an author of several buildings and structures in Georgia and abroad +++
Sumbadze, Longinoz1908-1984Architect Longinoz Sumbadze was a teacher and a renowned researcher of Georgian vernacular architecture +++
Szymkiewicz, Aleksander1858-1907Architect Aleksander Szymkiewicz' projects have shaped the 19th century Tbilisi +++
Tevzadze, Tamaz1928-2020

Tamaz Tevzadze, the Chief Architect of the city and director of the Tbilkalakproekti, was responsible for the urban development processes +++