Kasradze, Yuri

იური კასრაძე

* 25.01.1911 Ali, Gori district, Georgia

† 1991 September, Tbilisi


Yuri Kasradze graduated from Hydrotechnical School in 1930. In 1931, he entered the Georgian Industrial Institute at the Faculty of Construction and graduated with a diploma in architecture in 1936. In 1935-1938, he worked as an architect in the project department of the city council. In 1938, this department was transformed into a design institute “TbilQalaqProekti“. In 1939, Yuri Kasradze was drafted into the army and served in the Second World War, returning in 1942 due to a serious wound. After recovery, he continued to work in the “TbilQalaqProekti”, first as an architect, then as a head and as a chief specialist of the first architectural studio.

In 1950 Yuri Kasradze graduated from the Institute of Marxism-Leninism, he was a member of the Union of Architects of Georgia (1934), a deputy of the Tbilisi City Council (1951 and 1953), a member of the Sports Facilities Council of the Soviet Union (1960), a Honoured Engineer of Georgia (1961); He received a diploma at the Second All-Union Competition of Architects (1947), an honorary certificate of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the SSR of Georgia (1949), a certificate for the construction of the Sports Palace, a medal for “Labor Merit” (1966). In addition, medals, awards and honors of a participant in the WW II, signs for the organization of sports events and more.

In his youth, Yuri Kasradze played professional football. In 1934, his team “Tbilisi ZII” – Georgian Industrial Institute –, which later became the Tbilisi football club “Dinamo”, became champion of the Soviet Union at the Student Sopartakiade in Moscow.

Photos: Yuri Kasradze personal Archive, National Archives of Georgia

Main Projects

– Sports hall “Molnia”, Kirov (Vere) Park, Tbilisi 1939

– Secondary school for 880 students, Komsupunchi st., Tbilisi 1939

– House of Culture, Ambrolauri and Oni 1944 (Yuri Kasradze, Mikheil Melia)

– Hippodrome for 10,000 spectators, Tbilisi 1950

– Hippodrome, Zugdidi 1950

– 35-apartment residential building of the Tbilisi Executive Committee and Champagne Combine, Melikishvili St., Tbilisi 1950 (Yuri Kasradze, Aleksandre Tevzadze)

– Administrative building, Abasha 1947 (Yuri Kasradze, Mikheil Melia)

– Residential building, Cheluskinelebi (Tamar Mefi) St., Tbilisi 1953 (Yuri Kasradze, Aleksandre Tevzadze)

Indoor Swimming pool projects, in the Riverside Park and on the site of Dinamo Stadium, Tbilisi 1947 (unrealized)

– Open-air pool project in the Physical Culture Park, Tbilisi 1950 (unrealized)

– 52-apartment residential building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chavchavadze prospect, Tbilisi 1955 (Yuri Kasradze, Aleksandre Tevzadze)

– Residential building, Chavchavadze St., Tbilisi 1956

– “Dzhatavarenergo”, administrative building, Tbilisi 1956

– State Institute of Physical Culture, Chavchavadze Prospect, Tbilisi, 1957

– 3000 square foot basketball court, Kirov (Veri) Park, Tbilisi 1959 (Yuri Kasradze. Constructor: Davit Kajaia)

Sports Palace, Tbilisi 1961 (architects: Yuri Kasradze, Vladimir Alexi-Meshkhishvili, Constructor: Davit Kajaia)

– Figure skating school, dome construction. Tbilisi 1962 (Yuri Kasradze, Teimuraz Abashidze, Constructor: Davit Kajaia)

– Airport Hotel and restaurant, Tbilisi 1965

– Hotel “Kakheti”, Telavi 1977 (Yuri Kasradze, Ilia Tarasashvili, A. Khechuashvili)


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