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Drawings by Ramaz KiknadzeRamaz Kiknadze1957-1970The brilliant cityscape of Tbilisi on the main page of this site is done by the architect Ramaz Kiknadze +++
Many cats and a dogLevan KiladzevariousLevan Kiladze's sketches from the series Animal drawings +++
Soviet Modernism 1955–1991The Architekturzentrum Wien2012-2013The database includes around 1.000 examples of the architecture of post-war modernism in the former Soviet republics +++
The Magic MountainVladimer Alexi-MeskhishvilivariousIn Vladimer Alexi-Meskhishvili's various paintings, utopian cities hanging on a mountain slope play a significant role +++
War from my WindowKoka Ramishvili1991-1992In the late 1980s early 1990s, small, meaningless civil wars broke out across the former Soviet Union +++