Drawings by Ramaz Kiknadze

რამაზ კიკნაძის ჩანახატები

1957-1970, Tbilisi

Different techniques

The brilliant cityscape of Tbilisi on the main page of this site is done by the architect Ramaz Kiknadze. It has already become a visual symbol of the Tbilisi Architecture Archive. This picture not only depicts a pretty wide panoramic view of the city, but also all the important single buildings are easy to identify.

Ramaz Kiknadze worked over the years as a stage designer for Tbilisi State Puppet Theater where he created characters, costumes and sets for several performances. He also designed set for “My Fair Lady” at the Vaso Abashidze Musical Comedy Theater.

Kiknadze’s personal archive contains ethnographic drawings made during his student days, graphic works, sketches of scenery and characters created for the theater, and much more. Here is a selection of those works.

Photos: Ramaz Kiknadze personal Archive