Margishvili, Irakli

ირაკლი მარგიშვილი

* 11.07.1927 Gori, Georgia

† 17.11.2000 Tbilisi, Georgia


Irakli Margishvili graduated in 1949 from the Georgian Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Civil Engineering, with a diploma in Architecture. In 1950-1997 he worked as an architect and group leader in “SaqSoplMshenSakhProekti“, from 1950 he was the chief architect of the project, from 1957 he was the head of the atelier, and from 1988-1997 he was the chief architect of the institute. During this time he worked on general village planning, led the development of series of standard plans and projects for public and residential buildings for different climatic zones of Georgia.

Irakli Margishvili was an Honoured Architect of Georgia (1971), a member of the Board of the Union of Architects of Georgia and of the grand council of “SakhMsheni“. He was awarded an Order of Honour (1999) and other state mentions.

Irakli margishvili received II Prize for Agricultural Achievements pavilion of Georgia in Moscow (1957); I Degree Diploma for Series of rural dwellings (1968); Bronze Medal for Series of rural dwellings at all-Union Competition in Moscow (1971); Silver Medal (1980) and Gold Medal (1981); Best Project of the Year, Moscow (1985). World Biennale of Architecture (INTERARCH-85, Sofia), “Grand-Prix” for the project of the village Gudani (with Davit Morbedadze and Lily Mchedlishvili), 1985.

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Major projects

Experimental settlement of Mejvriskhevi Poultry Factory, 1973-1977

Village Gudani, 1980 (Irakli Margishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Lili Mchedlishvili)

Village Shatili, 1980 (Irakli Margishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Lili Mchedlishvili, Nugzar Dvali)

– Village Khakhmati, 1980 (Irakli Margishvili, Vakhtang Davitaia)

Village Cheremi, 1978-1980

Various projects for villages: Dmanisi, Omalo, Tsugrugasheni, Korsha, Frisi, Juta, Samtatskaro, Okami, Gogasheni and others.