Tevzadze, Tamaz

თამაზ თევზაძე

* 01.04.1928 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 20.11.2020 Tbilisi


Tamaz Tevzadze started studying architecture at the Industrial Institute of Georgia in 1945. Three years later he moved to Moscow, where he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1952 and afterwards worked as an architect in the design institute “MetroGiproTrans” in Moscow. In 1953 he returned to Georgia and started working in the “TbilQalaqProjekti” first as a senior architect, then as a group leader and as the chief architect of the project. In 1964-1971 he worked in “TbilZNIIEP” as the chief architect of the Department of Public Buildings Typology. From 1971 he changed to the Main Architectural-planning Department as the deputy head, and from 1974 he was appointed as the head of the same Department. In 1974-1978 Tamaz Tevzadze was the Chief Architect of Tbilisi. In the same period he was a member of the Town Planning Councils under the SakhMsheni and the office of Chief Architect of the City.

Tevzadze was a member of the presidium of the Georgian Union of Architects; In 1978-1987 Director of the “Tbilqalaqprojekti”; 1987-1998 deputy director and chief architect of the same institute.

In 1967-1973 he was teaching at Tbilisi Polytechnic Institute and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He is an author of many scholarly works and articles on modern Soviet architecture.

Tamaz Tevzadze was a professor of the International Academy of Architects (1997) and an Honoured Architect of Georgia (1967). In 1998 he received the Order of Honour.

Major projects

– Hotel “Kolkheti”, Tbilisi 1962 (Nodar Jobadze, Tamaz Tevzadze)

Metro station “300 Aragveli“, Tbilisi 1966 (Tamaze Tevzadze, Giga Batiashvili). Sculptor: Teimuraz (Tengiz) Gigauri

– Metro station – “Nadzaladevi”, (former “Octomberi”), Tbilisi, 1967 (Tamaz Tevzadze, Ramaz Kiknadze. Barelief “Tbilisi” – Ramaz Kiknadze, mural – “Octomberi” Koka Ignatov)

– Monument of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia, Tbilisi, 1979

– Reconstruction of the lower part of Alexander’s Garden (also known as “Garden of Communards”) (Giorgi Leonidze Garden), Tbilisi, 1981 (Tamaz Tevzadze, D. Sultanishvili, Givi Japaridze, sculptor: Giorgi Shkhvatsabaya)

Airport’s City Terminal, Tbilisi 1984 (Davit Morbedadze, Tamaz Tevzadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki) unrealized


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