Kandelaki, Teimuraz

თეიმურაზ კანდელაკი

* 25.02.1928 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 21.12.2003 Tbilisi

Architect, Researcher

Teimuraz (Temo) Kandelaki began his studies in 1945 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Georgian Industrial Institute and changed to the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in the second year. He graduated in 1952 and started to work at „TbilQalaqProekti

From 1954 to 1955 he worked for the „SoyuzGiproTorg“ in Moscow. After returning to Tbilisi in 1956 he continued to work as a group leader at „Tbilqalaqproeqti“; from 1960 as a chief project engineer and head of a scientific group at „SaqQalakMshenSakhProekti“. In 1961 this group joined the typification department of the USSR Academy of Sciences, what led to the foundation of „TbilZNIIEP“. At this institute Kandelaki was head of the department for typology of public buildings. From 1964 to 1973 he worked as the head of the Fine Arts and Monument Protection Division of the Ministry of Culture. Since 1973 he has been working for „Tbilqalaqproeqti“ as deputy director and chief architect of the Institute. In 1974 he received the title of associate professor.

Kandelaki has performed measurements of important architectural monuments and project expertise of more than 100 objects. Since 1959 he has been teaching at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute and since 1985 at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. In 1997-1998 he was a professor at the Academy of Arts; a member of the Scientific Council and the State Certification Commission, the Scientific-Technical Council of the Ministry of Urbanization and Construction of Georgia and the Advisory Council of the Chief Architect of Tbilisi.

Teimuraz Kandelaki was the Honoured Architect of Georgia (1967), he received the Order of Honour and the honourary diploma of the Council of Young Architects for the project “Architects’ Union Cottages in Tskneti” (1956); First Prize in the “Vakhtang Gorgasali Monument competition” (1959) First Prize of the Georgian Union of Architects for a Typical Summer Cinema Project (1957); a First Prize of SakhMsheni for the Monument of Friendship between the Youth of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia (1959).

Info: David Kandelaki
Photos: Teimuraz Kandelaki personal Archive, Davit Morbedadze personal Archive

Major Projects

– Pavilions in the Park Mtatsminda, Tbilisi 1953

– Architects Union Holiday Homes in Tskneti, 1955 (Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki)

– “Transtskalmsheni” residential house, Davitashvili St., Tbilisi 1955

– Residential house, Mtskheta st. 2, Tbilisi, 1962 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki. Civil engineer: Guram Mebuke)

– Cafe on Kostava Street (former Lenin St.) Tbilisi 1960 (Vakhtang Abramishvili, Revaz Bairamashvili, Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki)

– Architecture of Vakhtang Gorgasali Monument, Tbilisi 1967 (Sculptor: Elguja Amashukeli, Architects: Davit Morbedadze, Teimuraz Kandelaki)

– Tombstones of Kings – Erekle II and Vakhtang Gorgasali, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Mtskheta. 1969

– Architecture of the monument of Erekle II, Telavi 1971 (Sculptor: Merab Merabishvili)

– Residential house, Tsageri st. 4, Tbilisi 1973

– City Airport terminal in Tbilisi, 1982 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze, Tamaz Tevzadze). Unrealized project.

– North entrance of Mtskheta, 1984

Measurements of cultural heritage sites and restoration projects

– Sneqvi Church, 1947

– Fortresses: Atskuris Tsikhe (Teimuraz Kandelaki, V. Tsilosani, Otar Kalandarishvili), Oqros Tsikhe, Slesis Tsikhe, Tsriokhis Tsikhe, 1949

– Sakuneti Church, 1949 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Otar Kalandarishvili)

– Archaeological measurement of Ruisi church, 1951 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Gantiadi Basilica Restoration Project and Scientific research, 1952 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Archaeological measurement of Bagrati Temple, 1954 (Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Measurement of the Gelati Church of the Mother of God, 1954 (Rusudan Mepisashvili, Teimuraz Kandelaki, Davit Morbedadze)

– Ruisi Temple Restoration Project and Scientific research, 1952

– Measurement of Tabori Church, 1953


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