Kalandarishvili, Otar

ოთარ კალანდარიშვილი

* 16.07.1925 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 18.09.2003 Tbilisi


Otar (Toni) Kalandarishvili began studying architecture in 1943 at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, graduating in 1950 with a diploma project “Drama Theater in Tbilisi” (advisor: Mikheil Chkhikvadze). In 1949 he worked as an intern at the „AkademProjekt“ in Leningrad. From 1951 until the end of his life he worked at the “TbilQalaqProekti” as an architect, chief architect of the project, head of the 7th architectural studio; In 1955-1977 he taught at the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

Otar Kalandarishvili was the Honoured Architect of Georgia (1967), a member of the Board of the Union of Architects of Georgia (1960) and a member of the Admissions Committee, as well as a member of the Supreme Council of the Georgian SSR. He received the Prize of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1972) and the Order of Honour (1998). In 1948 he received the I prize for the design of trade kiosks in a competition announced by the Architectural Affairs Division of the Council of Ministers of the Georgian SSR.

Info: Levan Kalandarishvili
Photos: Georgian Technical University Construction Design and Expertise Center, Davit Morbedadze personal Archive, Vladimer Kurtishvili personal Archive

Main Projects

– The fence of the garden of the Palace of Pioneers, Tbilisi 1952 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Davit Morbedadze)

– Individual summer houses in Tskneti, 1953

– Tbilisi Metro Station “Rustaveli Square”, Upper Pavilion 1965 (Sculptor: Giorgi Ochiauri)

– Reconstruction of Rustaveli Square. Tbilisi 1965 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Gaioz Potskhishvili, V. Tutberidze)

– Hotel “Iveria” (now “Radisson-Iveria”) Tbilisi 1967 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Ia Tskhomelidze)

– Development of Shalva Nutsubidze Street slopes in Tbilisi – Residential Complex “Shatili” 1972–1984 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Gaioz Potskhishvili)

– Creative studios of artists on Nutsubidze Street, Tbilisi, year unknown

– Memorial of Glory in Kutaisi, 1978-1982 (Sculptor: Merab Berdzenishvili)

– Republic Square and three-storey shopping and public center, Tbilisi 1982 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Gaioz Potskhishvili)

– Georgian Cultural Center, Jerusalem 1997 (Otar Kalandarishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Nikoloz Kumsiashvili)

– Monument to David the Builder in Tbilisi 1998 (Sculptor: Merab Berdzenishvili)

– Museum of Slavery and Navigation in Dakar, Senegal Year Unknown (Otar Kalandarishvili, Davit Morbedadze,) unrealized


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