Kavlashvili, Ilo

ილო ყავლაშვილი

* 09.03.1931 Tbilisi, Georgia

† 10.09.2008 Tbilisi


Ilo Kavlashvili studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. After graduating in 1954 until the end of his professional career he worked at “TbilQalakProekti”, first as a project architect and finally as a leader of the VII architectural workshop. Since 1962 he was a member of the Georgian Union of Architects. Ilo Kavlashvili was a experienced alpinist and he was involved in several mountaineering expeditions until 1961.

Ilo Kavlashvili is a laureate of the State Prize of Georgia. In the 8th all-Union competition, he received the 3rd prize for the project of residential houses.

Info: Tamar Kavlashvili
Photos: Ilia Kavlashvili personal archive

Main Projects

– Master plan of Saburtalo district, Tbilisi 1956 (Shota Kavlashvili, Ilo Kavlashvili, Alexandre Bakradze, Davit Gdzelidze)

– Development plan of Alexandre Kazbegi (former Pavlov) Avenue, Quarters A and B, Tbilisi 1960s

Metro station “Marjanishvili”, underground hall, Tbilisi 1966 (Ilo Kavlashvili, Neli Kvartskhava, Givi Melkadze, Teimuraz Mikashavidze; Sculptor: Merab Berdzenishvili)

– Eightstorey residential buildings of the Institute of Metallurgy and the City Executive Committee, corner of Gamsakhurdia and Bakhtrioni streets, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Fivestorey residential buildigs, Javakhishvili and Mtskheta Streets, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Ateni street development plan and residential buildings: fourteen storey, “University” house; thirteen storey, “University” house; Eight storey, “GОК” house; nine storey “Gruznerud” house; sixteen storey building of the Institute of Food Industry. Tbilisi 1980s (authors’ collective)

– Eighteen storey administrative building “Ministry of Rural Construction”, 45 Vazha-Pshavela avenue, Tbilisi 1977 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Ilo Kavlashvili, Leri Medzmariashvili)

– Residential building of the Central Committee of K.P., Nikoladze Street, Tbilisi 1980s, (authors’ collective)

– Kekelidze street development plan and residential buildings N1 to 6 Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Residential buildings, 7 and 8 Shatberashvili Street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Central Railway Station, Tbilisi 1982 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Ilo Kavlashvili, Givi Shavdia, Alexandre Jibladze)

Resort for architects, Gagra, 1983 (Revaz Bairamashvili, Vakhtang Abramishvili, Davit Morbedadze, Ilo Kavlashvili)

– Bakhtrioni street and Ikalto Hill development plan and residential houses: 3 to 10; Academy of Sciences Buildings N1 and 2; twelve storey residential house “Artist”; fourteen storey residential house “Agata”. Tbilisi 1980s (authors’ collective)

– Thirteen storey individual residential building, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– “Sakhbank” twelve storey individual residential building, Anagi Street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Nine storey individual residential building, Anagi Street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Nine storey individual residential buildings of the Academy of Sciences, the State University and the Institute of Geophysics, Nutsubidze Street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Nine storey residential building “University”, Bagebi, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Fourteen storey laboratory building of “TbilQalakProekti”, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Mukhiani II microdistrict development plan (22 buildings), Tbilisi, 1980s (authors’ collective)

– Pioneers’ Camp of the Ministry of Communal Maintenance, Kojori, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Reconstruction of residential houses, 81 and 83 Avchala highway, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Eight storey residential building, Sukhumi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Thirteen storey residential building, Chavchavadze Avenue, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Kekelidze street extension project and residential houses, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Nine storey residential building, Tashkent street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Seven story residential building, Keklidze and Rcheulishvili streets, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Sixteen and seventeen storey residential buildings, Ikalto Street, Tbilisi, year unknown (authors’ collective)

– Master plan of Didi Digomi, III quarter development plan, Tbilisi, 1980s (authors’ collective)

– Master plan of Sea district, Tbilisi 1980s (Otar Arveladze, I.Sanadze, Givi Shavdia), II quarter development plan (Ilo Kavlashvili)