Building Element

სამშენებლო ელემენტი

Architect Giorgi Chakhava

Planning 1965 Construction 1965-1981

Status Cultural Heritage Site, 2017-18

Original function Bus stop

Current function no function

Condition damaged


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In 1965 Giorgi Chakhava starts working on a modular system later to be known as „Building Element“. In the system he used so called Colchian Joint principle. The dimensions of the reinforced concrete elements are: Width: 40 cm; Length: 60 cm to 6600 cm; Thickness: 10 cm; Maximum weight: 0.5 t. In the 1970s, various pavilions, gas stations and bridge pier frameworks were built along the roads of Georgia using the Building Element.

Assembling prefabricated reinforced concrete elements was a simple process. Besides technical characteristics, constructions built with these elements are interesting because each one has its unique architecture. Three of them still remain – close to Borjomi, village Tezeri and village Patara Kanda. All three pavilions were granted the status of immovable monument of cultural and industrial heritage (2017-2018).

Chakhava holds the copyright for the „Building Element“ (USSR copyright N°831936, 1981) as well for the industrial production line (USSR copyright N°863352). (ntch)

Photos: Giorgi Chakhava personal Archive