Yalta Bus Station

იალტის ავტოსადგური

Architects Chakhava, Giorgi; Nakhutsrishvili, Otar; Djalaghania, Zurab; Sekhniashvili, Dodo – „SoyuzDorProekti

Structural Engineer Linevich, Nikolai

Artists Gorgadze, Aleko; Kochakidze, Oleg; Slowinski, Aleksandre; Chikvaidze, Yuri and others

Design 1962-1964 Construction 1966

Status built

Original function Bus Station

Current function same

Current condition partly altered

Address 8 Moskovskaya Street, Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

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Yalta Bus Station was built in the area of the Yalta bypass road and the Bystraya River. It is one of the most important projects from Giorgi Chakhavas works. Dodo Sekhniashvili, as well as then young architects Otar Nakhutsrishvili and Zurab Djalaghania, were involved in the planning process of Yalta Bus Station. Furthermore, this project laid the foundation of the long-lasting partnership between Giorgi Chakhava and Zurab Djalaghania.

The station can accommodate daily up to 500 buses and 1200 passengers. The 20 hectare area of the complex is crossed by the river valley.

The architects Vladimir Alexi-Meskhishvili and Nodar Mgaloblishvili describe Yalta Bus Station after completion of the building as follows: ‘The building is so perfectly matched with the complicated area, so logically designed and so harmoniously integrated into the space of the steep terrain it makes you think that an ideal place has been found for it. You can’t move the building even by a step, because the whole system will be destroyed”.

The station has four floors on the side of the city and three from the hillside. Terrain features are well-used to separate traffic flow – urban transport moves only on the lower level, while intercity moves on the upper level that is connected to the highway.

The horizontal building structure lays on the strong concrete slab that rests on the columns. Bus station unites cash offices, waiting hall, hotel and restaurant with the view over the river. (ntch)

Translation: Ana Kiasashvili
Photos: Giorgi Chakhava personal Archive


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